Bayer launches unit to develop new precision health consumer products

The group said it will focus on addressing unmet needs in its core categories, delivering new evidence-based precision health products to the market.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The Consumer Health division of Bayer has launched a business unit focused on developing new Precision Health products across its range of everyday health categories.

Bayer said it will prioritize developing products that enable people to take greater control of their own personal health through digital solutions and novel delivery mechanisms.

The shift in the healthcare industry is clear -- people need better self-care with the ability to predict, prevent and better manage their health. In fact, an analysis conducted for Bayer found more than 80% of consumers globally already demand greater healthcare personalization. Technology advancements have enabled a wave of new digital products such as diagnostics, apps and therapeutics to help them do so. Closing the gap between monitoring, awareness and diagnosis on one end and education, treatment and prevention on the other is the key to consumers being empowered to have end-to-end control over their own personal health, the company said.

The new Bayer Precision Health group will be responsible for closing this gap by identifying digital and digital-supported consumer healthcare opportunities. It will be embedded within the business and made up of leaders with diverse responsibilities and expertise. The group will focus on addressing unmet needs in its core categories, delivering new evidence-based products that offer end-to-end self-care and scaling technologies globally. It will work with start-ups and other digital health providers as well as the company's existing digital capabilities.

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“As people increasingly turn to self-care to manage their everyday health, new digital tools are enabling them to make smarter choices through deeper and more precise understanding of their individual needs,” said David Evendon-Challis, head of R&D and chief scientific officer for the Consumer Health division of Bayer. “With global leadership in the core categories people turn to for self-care, from cardiovascular and digestive health to pain management and immunity, Bayer will offer a wide range of precision health products and services.”

Patricia Corsi, chief marketing, digital and information officer at Consumer Health added, “Consumers are consistently looking for health solutions that go beyond traditional product formats like pill or cream. By delivering against their needs, we continue on our journey to increase brand value and engagement with the people we serve while progressing on our digital transformation journey for our Consumer Health business.”

Bayer has already been active in the precision health space. In 2021, the company piloted projects with partner Ada Health to embed its AI-based symptom assessment into several of its brands to help customers better understand their symptoms and how they could be treated. Earlier this year, Bayer launched the first step of a new heart-health ecosystem in the United States with a heart risk assessment powered by HUMA. The assessment is fully digital and gives consumers a highly accurate personal risk assessment of developing cardiovascular disease without blood tests or physical examination. Bayer also has advanced several other projects in its pipeline with anticipated launches beginning later this year, the company said.

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“Digital health products are a perfect addition to the treatments we have offered for decades,” said Aquil Harjivan, R&D head of Digital Health for the Consumer Health division of Bayer. “We believe the best of precision health will be driven by partnerships so we look forward to working with the most innovative, evidence-driven companies committed to transforming everyday health.”